Relaxation and specialistic massages

Relax and recover your energy thanks to our relaxation, specialistic and partial massages prepared by best specialists.


  • RELAXATION MASSAGE (Full body – 60 min./170 PLN; Back – 30 min./100 PLN) – a therapy for the body and soul. Delicate hand movements remove muscular tensions and the aroma of ethereal oils puts you in a state of blissful relaxation.
  • AROMA MASSAGES FOR A COUPLE (60 min. / 320 PLN) – a relaxation massage of the whole body performed by two therapeutists in one room.
  • POLYNESIA MASSAGE (70 min. / 200 PLN) – a ritual massage combining oriental techniques and stretching elements to provide relaxation to the whole body. It improves circulation and stabilises the nervous system.
  • AROMA CANDLE MASSAGE OF THE WHOLE BODY (60 min. / 190 PLN)massage performed by means of warm beeswax with Shea Butter. It brings relief to the dry skin.
  • HOT STONE MASSAGE (Whole body – 60 min. / 200 PLN; Back – 40 min. / 120 PLN) – the combination of hot stones and appropriate massage techniques is beneficial to the tired and stressed body and mind and relaxes and regenerates the whole body.



  • CLASSIC MASSAGE (Whole body – 60 min. / 180 PLN; Back – 30 min. / 110 PLN) – has a regenerating and analgesic effect, improves the nourishment of tissues and accelerates metabolism.
  • WARM HONEY MASSAGE (Back – 30 min. / 110 PLN) – helps to remove toxins from the body and smoothes the skin. A perfect supplement to detoxifying & relaxing therapies.
  • SPORT MASSAGE (40 min. / 140 PLN) – an inseparable element of a workout. It supplements the warm-up before each workout. After the workout, it fulfils a regenerative function.
  • FIRMING MASSAGE (50 min. / 150 PLN) – a dynamic massage of selected body parts. It improves circulation, accelerates metabolism and reduces cellulite. It is used as a supplement to slimming treatments.



  • NAPE, NECK AND HEAD MASSAGE (25 min. / 70 PLN) relaxes muscles, removes back and neck pain and helps to relax.
  • FOOT MASSAGE (25 min. / 70 PLN) – a massage that will not only bring relief to tired feet, but will also improve circulation, metabolism and the removal of toxins from the body.

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