Fitness room

You want to have an intense rest? Today the weather is too bad for outdoor workout? Use our professional fitness room equipped with TECHNOGYM devices.

If you love running, walking and marching, we recommend you to use a treadmill that allows you to perform effective cargo training irrespective of weather. You will appreciate it particularly if you are preparing for a race event and do not want to resign from regular exercise.

If you want to improve your total body condition, we recommend using a recumbent bike that will ensure comfortable exercise without straining your knee joints.

If you want to reinforce and engage both your lower and upper body parts, we recommend using an elliptical (orbitrack) bike. Regular exercises will shape the muscles of your arms, belly, back, thighs and buttocks – the areas that you normally want to “slim” down and model.

Strength training? No problem – the equipment includes also a multifunctional Unica machine for strength training. Its construction allows you to perform over 25 exercises with various levels of intensity.


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