Price-list of FIT&SPA services

We invite you to see our offer and the price-list of our services available in FIT&SPA.


  • RELAXATION MASSAGE (Full body – 60 min./170 PLN; Back – 30 min./100 PLN) – a therapy for the body and soul. Delicate hand movements remove muscular tensions and the aroma of ethereal oils puts you in a state of blissful relaxation.
  • AROMA MASSAGES FOR A COUPLE (60 min. / 320 PLN) – a relaxation massage of the whole body performed by two therapeutists in one room.
  • POLYNESIA MASSAGE (70 min. / 200 PLN) – a ritual massage combining oriental techniques and stretching elements to provide relaxation to the whole body. It improves circulation and stabilises the nervous system.
  • AROMA CANDLE MASSAGE OF THE WHOLE BODY (60 min. / 190 PLN) – massage performed by means of warm beeswax with Shea Butter. It brings relief to the dry skin.
  • HOT STONE MASSAGE (Whole body – 60 min. / 200 PLN; Back – 40 min. / 120 PLN) – the combination of hot stones and appropriate massage techniques is beneficial to the tired and stressed body and mind and relaxes and regenerates the whole body.
  • CLASSIC MASSAGE (Whole body – 60 min. / 180 PLN; Back – 30 min. / 110 PLN) – has a regenerating and analgesic effect, improves the nourishment of tissues and accelerates metabolism.
  • WARM HONEY MASSAGE (Back – 30 min. / 110 PLN) – helps to remove toxins from the body and smoothes the skin. A perfect supplement to detoxifying & relaxing therapies.
  • SPORT MASSAGE (40 min. / 140 PLN) – an inseparable element of a workout. It supplements the warm-up before each workout. After the workout, it fulfils a regenerative function.
  • FIRMING MASSAGE (50 min. / 150 PLN) – a dynamic massage of selected body parts. It improves circulation, accelerates metabolism and reduces cellulite. It is used as a supplement to slimming treatments.



  • NAPE, NECK AND HEAD MASSAGE (25 min. / 70 PLN) relaxes muscles, removes back and neck pain and helps to relax.
  • FOOT MASSAGE (25 min. / 70 PLN) – a massage that will not only bring relief to tired feet, but will also improve circulation, metabolism and the removal of toxins from the body.



  • MILK & HONEY (70 PLN / 30 min.) – a bath that has a relaxing and pro-health effect – thousands of air bubbles relax the muscles of the entire body and provide the pleasant feeling of relaxation, whereas the beneficial effect of milk and honey regenerates and moisturizes the skin.
  • CITRUS (70 PLN / 30 min.) – an aromatic pearl bath with additional water jet massage. Causes muscle relaxation and gives the feeling of intense massage accompanied by relaxation with a hint of citrus aromas. Recommended for physically active persons.
  • SEA (70 PLN/30 min.) – a bath that has a detoxifying effect; it stimulates microcirculation, cleans and firms the skin. An inseparable part of slimming treatments.



  • MICRONIZED MARINE ALGE BODY WRAP (230 PLN / 60 min.) – a slimming and anti-cellulite treatment based on 100% micronized algae. The treatment stimulates blood microcirculation, reduces fat deposits, eliminates excess water from tissues and improves the structure of the skin.
  • FRIGI – THALGO WRAP (150 PLN / 60 min.) – a hypothermic firming & slimming treatment. It brings relief to “heavy” legs. Thanks to the content of menthol and grape leaf extract, it improves the elasticity of blood vessels and eliminates leg oedema.
  • HIGH-PRECISION SHAPING TREATMENT (250 PLN / 60 min.) – An advanced multidimensional modelling & anti-cellulite treatment. Thanks to the use of advanced THALGO technologies – Oxy Activ and Sculpt Activ, it shapes the body, reduces cellulite and brings oxygen to tissues.
  • CREAM RICE PEELING (90 PLN / 30 min.) – amoisturizing peeling treatment with rice powder, which brightens and reduces skin discolorations
  • EXOTIC SALT PEELING (90 PLN / 30 min.) – crystals of sea salt peel the dead epidermis and leave the skin smooth, and the exotic smoothie makes the skin silky smooth.
  • GOLD SUGAR PEELING (90 PLN / 30 min.) – a sugar peeling treatment with moisturizing properties. Particles of gold brighten the skin, and amber and caviar extracts stimulate its regeneration.



  • SUSHI BODY CEREMONY (240 PLN / 100 min.) – a ritual for the dehydrated skin with loss of firmness and sun-induced changes. Rice oil and Alpine plant extract smooth, firm and restore the healthy colour of the skin.
  • GOLD&PEARLS BODY CEREMONY (240 PLN / 100 min.) – a luxurious ritual based on caviar and gold particle extract for every skin type, particularly the dehydrated skin with loss of elasticity. Restores the moisture and radiance of the skin.
  • INDOCEANE TREATMENT (270 PLN /120 min.) – a relaxing and stress-relieving ritual combining the philosophy of China, Egypt, the Mediterranean Basin and India. It is an unusual sensory trip to the land of relaxation and beauty, during which your body will achieve the state of full relaxation and stress relief. It is a proposal for stressed persons who need relaxation and mood improvement.



  • BEAUTY HYDRATION RITUAL – moisturizing (140 PLN / 60 min.) – a treatment of the skin that needs miniaturization. Thanks to the content of hyaluronic acid and viola tricolor extract, it improves the moisture and flexibility of the skin.
  • ABSOLUTE HYDRATION RITUAL – moisturizing (200 PLN / 60 min.) – atreatment of the dehydrated, dry and dull skin. Ensures the long-term moisture of the skin, removes the symptoms of fatigue, reduces small wrinkles and gives the skin a radiant appearance.
  • BEAUTY SOFTNESS RITUAL (140 PLN / 60 min.) – a treatment developed for the sensitive skin with enlarged vessels. The brown flax and common witch-hazel extract has a soothing effect, relieves the irritated skin and reinforces delicate blood vessels.
  • MARINE SOFTNESS RITUAL (200 PLN / 60 min.) – a treatment addressed to the sensitive skin with erythema and vasomotor hypersensitivity. The aim of the treatment is the deep miniaturization, soothing and narrowing of enlarged blood vessels and the improvement of immunity of the skin to irritating agents.
  • BEAUTY NUTRITION RITUAL (140 PLN / 60 min.) – a nourishing treatment for the dry and dehydrated skin. Thanks to the content of Omega 3 and 6 acids from algae, shea butter and wild rose oil, the treatment profoundly nourishes the dry skin by improving its moisture and immunity to adverse environmental conditions.
  • INTENSIVE NUTRITION RITUAL (200 PLN / 60 min.) – an enriched regenerating treatment addressed to the dry and dehydrated skin that requires nourishment. The treatment has a soothing effect on the skin through its intense miniaturization and restoration of its hydrolipid coat.
  • THALGODERMYL (150 PLN / 60 min.) – an intense anti-acne treatment. The aim of the treatment is to regulate the secretion of sebum, narrow skin pores, soothe inflammatory conditions and improve the colour of the complexion.
  • MARINE COLLAGEN TREATMENT (240 PLN / 60 min.) – a deeply moisturizing and smoothing banquet treatment. The treatment uses collagen particles of various sizes, which moisturize the skin from the outside and fill in small wrinkles from the inside. The content of soya glycopeptides stimulates skin cells for the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid and has a protective effect through neutralisation of free radicals.
  • MARINE SILICIUM TREATMENT (250 PLN / 60 min.) – an advanced anti-age treatment. Thanks to the use of two mask types and stimulating massage, the treatment reduces the most important symptoms of skin ageing by shallowing mimic wrinkles, correcting the oval of the face and improving its elasticity. New-generation peptide (Matrixyl 6) stimulates the skin’s internal anti-ageing processes.
  • OCEAN TREATMENT FOR MEN (150 PLN / 60 min.) – an energising & moisturizing treatment for men. The aim of the treatment is to moisturize the skin, stimulate its natural regenerating processes and rebalance the structure of the epidermis.



  • SUSHI CEREMONY (100 PLN / 45 min.) – a moisturizing treatment. It is an effective care treatment for the mature skin with pigmentation changes, but also a sensual feast for lovers of Japanese culture. During the treatment, a special Alpine Plant Complex prevents and helps to remove discolorations. Vitamin E with hyaluronic acid smoothes wrinkles and restores the balance of the skin.
  • GOLD&PEARLS CEREMONY (100 PLN / 45 min.) - an anti-age treatment. Advanced product formulas stimulate cellular regeneration processes and improve the condition of the skin. Microparticles of gold will subtly sprinkle the complexion, giving it a radiant shine, and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, thus improving directly the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Champagne will provide the silky smoothness and softness of the complexion. The youth and relaxation session will culminate in the lifting massage of the face.
  • ILLUMINATING RADIANCE (100 PLN / 30 min.) – an express beauty treatment for every skin type. The aim of the treatment is to moisturize, nourish, smooth and refresh the epidermis, remove symptoms of fatigue and restore the healthy and radiant appearance of the skin.



  • FACE, NECK AND NECKLINE MASSAGE (70 PLN / 30 min.) – a relaxing massage that reduces muscular tension, soothes and firms the skin and improves its elasticity.
  • ANTI-AGE FACE MASSAGE (80 PLN / 30 min.) – a dynamic massage of the face. It smoothes wrinkles, corrects the oval of the face and supports blood and lymph circulation, thus removing swellings.
  • SHIATSU FACE MASSAGE (90 PLN / 30 min.) – a traditional Japanese finger pressing therapy. Specific spots of the face are pressed to stimulate blood and lymph circulation. Shiatsu ensures the balance of the body and relaxes and adds beauty to the skin and mind.
  • BASIC TREATMENT (90 PLN / 30 min.) – a basic beauty treatment consisting of peeling, mask and cream adapted to the needs of the skin.
  • CAVITATION PEELING (60 PLN / 40 min.) – By means of ultrasounds, the peeling treatment removes the callous epidermis, thus cleaning the skin and preparing it for further treatments.
  • MANUAL FACE CLEANING (180 PLN / 80 min.)



  • BUSINESS (150 PLN / 30 min.) – an express make-up that emphasises beauty and masks the imperfections of the complexion. Make-up in mid notes, adapted to the needs of the skin.
  • EVENING (200 PLN / 60 min.) – an occasional make-up adapted to the type of event and the time of the day.
  • CORRECTIONS (50 PLN / 15 min.) – masking the imperfections of the complexion.



  • EYELASH HENNA DYEING (30 PLN / 20 min.)
  • EYEBROW ADJUSTMENT (20 PLN / 10 min.)



  • HYBRID MANICURE (80 PLN / 60 min.)
  • NAIL PAINTING (30 PLN / 30 min.)
  • MANICURE SPA (100 PLN / 80 min.) Traditional manicure enriched with peeling, a regenerating mask and relaxing hand massage.
  • PARAFFIN WAX FOR HANDS (30 PLN / 30 min.)
  • SPA PEDICURE (150 PLN / 90 min.) – a comprehensive foot care treatment. Apart from classic pedicure, the treatment is enriched with peeling, a nourishing mask and foot massage with elements of reflexology to bring full relief and nourishment to tired feet.



  • MOUSTACHE (30 PLN /10 min.)
  • BEARD (30 PLN /15 min.)
  • HANDS (80 PLN / 40 min.)
  • ARMPITS (40 PLN / 20 min.)
  • BIKINI (90 PLN / 60 min.)
  • THIGHS (80 PLN / 40 min.)
  • CALVES (80 PLN / 40 min.)
  • WHOLE LEGS (140 PLN / 60 min.)

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